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Your success as a Team Leader depends on how well your team operates.  How are their problem-solving skills? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best?  Do they work well together? When working in the diverse team environment, the success of the end result is contingent upon the core team functions, which include trust, communication, and synergy.  If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members, this workshop is a practical look at the essential leadership practices that work to achieve high performance teams.  This program covers many aspects of what it means to be an effective diverse team, including forming successful teams, defining team expectations, conducting collaborative activities, making decisions effectively, solving problems, establishing a learning culture and understanding the roles of leadership and followership.



Course objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, the participant  will increase their ability to:

• Recognize the importance of being an effective team role model

• Create a coaching environment where people can and want to perform

• Clearly define  Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority -- for all leadership roles

• Discuss how to best deploy resources during chaotic times

• Understand the importance of prioritizing the strategic goals to empower employees

• Improving understanding and applications in leading a diverse work team through cross cultural awareness and appreciation

• Reduce assimilation time for new teams by utilizing a defined process, including how to set performance standards, communicate goals, and gain commitment.

• Improve the “closing” process for teams that have completed their requirements.  Learn how to use defined methodology for identifying lessons learned and knowing how to best apply that information for the next project initiative.

• Increase quality of measurable team results.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


1 Day

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Philips Instructor

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