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The purpose of this program is to provide technologists with the ability to understand and execute all basic and advanced functions and options of the Philips Mammo Diagnost FD equipment. Training will consist of both didactic and hands on instruction. We will provide theoretical concepts and associated clinical reinforcement of digital mammography. Technologists will convey this understanding through hands on manipulation, exercises and demonstrations of proper visualization techniques to display the anatomy in question. Key operators will also learn all of the QC applications that are required as per the ACR. They are expected to provide training to additional radiology personnel as well as maintain the system for optimal image quality.

Evaluation: Upon conclusion, the trainee shall demonstrate the ability to set up and manipulate the system, complete procedures efficiently, display image quality evaluation, and complete the skills checklist as well as show proficiency in customizing the database.





Course objectives: 


Following the program the technologist should:

  • Have a basic understanding of the Digital Mammography system in use today.
  • Understand the radiation safety issues associated with Digital Mammography
  • Understand how the Digital Mammography images are generated
  • Understand how to manipulate the imaging parameters
  • Be familiar with the various types of Image Quality artifacts that occur with Digital Imaging and understand how to minimize them whenever possible
  • Be able to set up system for site specific requirements
  • Complete all required QC Testing


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to digital systems
  • DR hardware/System components
  • Image Quality
  • Printing (optional)
  • Quality Control
  • Review
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Delivery method: 

  • Instructor-led


  • English


24 Hours

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this website.

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