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It is in a time of unrest where leaders have to make a choice. Do they open the conversation or close it for fear of not knowing what to do? It is during these times when employees are looking towards their managers and asking themselves, “Is this a leader that I want to follow? Is this leader showing up in a way that can make a difference and can guide an organization, a team, an individual toward fairness and equality?".
Leaders are on this journey at all different stages. Some managers have just begun and realize that they have a long way to go. Others find this conversation familiar and need to help others along. Regardless of where someone is, leaders need to support their employees through the varying stages of employee’s pain, anger, and confusion and create a safe place for tolerance, acceptance and celebration.
This “Real Talk” Training Program will help to move forward towards becoming Future Strong as an organization of diversity and inclusion. Let’s have some Real Talk filled with education, understanding and authenticity.



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During this course discussion will cover:


  • Building a Culture of Celebration
  • How did we get here? A short historical perspective
  • Awareness of One’s Beliefs and the Impact of Unconscious Bias
  • Life is better on the other side of a difficult conversation
  • Questions that Lead to Conversations
  • How to Engage as an Ally
  • Action for Change – What’s Next
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  • Instructor-led


  • English


4 Hours

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david murray

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Philips Instructor

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