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When we think of difficult conversations, many images may surface.  Difficult conversations are the interactions that happen (or should happen) every day in the workplace.  They are the day-to-day conversations that exist among peers, direct reports, customers, and inter-departments.  Difficult conversations are inevitable in any workplace. Those conversations can create unhappiness, stress, and tension. They can also impair and even destroy relationships. When handled poorly, they are likely to result in serious problems that interfere with productivity and leave everyone involved feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.
 Many people put off having difficult conversations hoping that the situation will go away.  You cannot avoid these kinds of conversations, but you can learn how to handle them more effectively. Developing the ability to handle these challenges will pay off in terms of reduced stress, increased confidence, improved relationships, increased trust, fewer problems, better teamwork, higher productivity, and better career opportunities.  This program invites you to learn the skills necessary for having courageous and difficult conversations.  



Course objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, the participant will increase their ability to:

Understand the nature of difficult conversations and what it takes to handle them.

• Start with the heart - Use empathy in a way that minimizes negative responses and strengthens relationships.

  • Focus on what you want
  • Refuse the fool’s choice
  • Learn to look. Make it safe.
  • Be aware of your style
  • Create a mutual purpose
  • State your path. 
  • Explore other’s path.
  • Apologize when appropriate

​•Identify the stages of handling difficult conversations

•Apply best practices for preparing, initiating, and delivering the conversation.

•A moment of truth - Discover how to generate solutions and end the conversation.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


1 Day

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Philips Instructor

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