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In her book, “Mindset – Changing the Way You Think to Fulfill Your Potential”, Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck explains that a fixed mindset assumes that our character, intelligence, and creativity are givens that we can’t change. With the absence of a growth mindset, we don’t have the motivation to put in the effort, so there is a strong potential to simply “get stuck.”  When we are stuck as employees, we become disengaged, unproductive, and poor collaborators.   The good news is that we can build our abilities to adopt and implement a growth mindset in our life and within our workplace. This brief webinar introduces participants to the concept of the right mindset. 



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  • Understand the concept of a quake-proof mindset
  • Identify the values which roots the right mindset
  • Ability to distinguish between growth and fixed mindset
  • Create an action plan for building the right mindset
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  • Instructor-led Webinar


  • English


1 Hour

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