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Real time, live echocardiographic fusion technology provides simultaneous and spatially correctly oriented 2D, 3D and automated AI heart model echo dataset fusion into correlating fluoroscopic imaging. Structural Interventional Cardiologists can see real time “tissue anatomy” in their 2-dimensional fluoroscopic images for easier, significantly faster, and more precise structural procedural guidance, for procedures like PVL, TAVR, MITRACLIP, LAA CLOSURES, SEPTAL CLOSURES and TRANS-SEPTAL ACCESS. This module is for interventional cardiologists and interventional imagers to review the fundamentals of EchoNavigator technology and an overview of its practical applications.

The workflow and details on operation of the EchoNavigator is covered during installation training.


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  • Instructor-led Webinar


  • English


60 Minutes

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George Gellert, MD

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