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The Wee Care program is a customized, internationally recognized, quality and process improvement program.  Aimed at standardizing developmentally supportive care practices in the NICU, this program combines evidence-based best practices with core measures for developmentally supportive care to provide a complete solution in your unit.  Wee Care lays the foundation for success through leadership skills training, conflict resolution, and effective communication strategies.  Combined with the latest evidence-based research regarding developmental care practice and a model for improvement and empowering accountability, this results-oriented offering is the pinnacle of the education program portfolio.  Customizing the program content around your unique learning and practice improvement needs, the Wee Care faculty provides an adult learning experience and expert support through coaching and consulting to provide success with your selected goals and objectives.



Course objectives: 

The practice areas addressed are understanding the latest evidence-based research and translating that into clinical practices; how to implement P-D-S-A model for improvement; using effective leadership skills; promoting effective teamwork; tracking, monitoring and publishing success.  Upon completion of this course the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe the Seven CORE Measures of Developmentally Supportive Care.
  • Discuss the sequence of brain & sensory development as it pertains to gestational age.
  • Identify healing environmental stressors and alternatives that will support the preterm infant.
  • Describe the importance of protecting sleep on the developing preterm infant.
  • List physiological, behavioral, and biochemical/hormonal indicators of infant stress & pain.
  • Describe the concepts of positioning the preterm infant (midline, flexion, containment, comfort)
  • Identify feeding strategies and alternatives to optimize nutrition in the preterm infant.
  • Describe skin care practices that maximize skin protection in the preterm infant.
  • Discuss the impact of a premature birth on the family, with interventions that support partnering with families.
  • Describe the impact of developmentally supportive care on outcomes.
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  • Instructor-led


  • English


8 Hours

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