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    Train the Trainer: Leading Design Thinking for Innovation


    Leading innovation with your team is new, different, meaningful, necessary across the organization, and extremely challenging. This is why we need to spend time learning it and prototyping it.
    Many people in organizations have not truly learned how to innovate or help others learn new ways...

    • Instructor-led

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    Demystifying Innovation: Create, Communicate, & Collaborate


    Make Innovation simple, practical, and personal for yourself and others.
    In this workshop, you will get the chance to develop some of the most needed leadership skills - soft skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity that can help your organization innovate for the future....

    • Instructor-led

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    Getting Started with Design Thinking : Creative Problem Solving with a Human-Centered Focus


    In this session, Learn about the popular trend of design thinking through doing it in this experiential, activity-based workshop. See how to gain empathy for your stakeholders and move from a challenge to ideas to action with a process and tools for solving problems. Use the design thinking...

    • Instructor-led

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    Building an Agile Culture of Innovation with Design Thinking


    A culture of innovation is more open to learning, taking risks, learning from failure, and changing from "this is how we've always done it." You can “own it,” make a difference, and contribute to a culture of innovation regardless of your role.  Learn how to engage and collaborate with others...

    • Instructor-led

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    Practical Leadership: Facilitation Tools & Techniques


    This workshop is designed to help you lead more interactive and engaging meetings, interactions, and group sessions that foster learning and even innovation. In this hands-on class, you will participate in creative activities and learn how to use techniques and tools to confidently and actively...

    • Instructor-led

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    Developing a Mindset for Innovation and Design Thinking


    You can only get so far doing the same thing over and over again. Reaching that higher level requires innovation - doing something new that you’ve never done before. To begin, it requires a change of mindset, where you are seeking to grow through innovation in your work and life. This workshop...

    • Instructor-led

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    Motivating Employees


    It’s no secret. Employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This is a busy one-day workshop to help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal, and energized workplace. This program is designed specifically to...

    • Instructor-led

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    Leadership Challenge


    For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge (the book based on Jim Kouzes’ and Barry Posner’s extensive research on leadership) has become the most trusted, widely recognized source on becoming a better leader. The book, which has sold more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since...

    • Instructor-led

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    Problem Solving and Decision Making


    This one day course will present a clear process and user-friendly techniques for making smart business and personal choices.
    Using a case study approach, this course offers straightforward, easy-to-follow process designed to improve the way business decisions -- or any decisions that help...

    • Instructor-led

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    Conflict Management


    Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader and emerging leader. Where healthy conflict exists, both company culture and competitive advantage can thrive.
    Learning to surface issues within your workplace and successfully manage conflict with direct reports,...

    • Instructor-led

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    Coaching For Impact


    Feedback in the workplace is essential for making progress. Asking your team to give feedback to each other is a great way to make sure people get the  recognition they deserve and understand how they can improve. Requesting (and giving feedback) to your manager helps to ensure that you are on...

    • Instructor-led

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    Time Management for the Professional


    This course will present a clear process and user-friendly techniques for increasing professional  time management skills. Adult learning theory states that lessons need to be applied and evaluated by adults for optimal learning. We integrate this theory into our training by incorporating...

    • Instructor-led

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    Influencing Skills


    Organizational resources are scarcer than ever and people are under increasing pressure to get things done even when they lack the authority or positional power to “make it happen.” Fortunately, there has been great progress discovering and implementing a variety of psychological techniques to...

    • Instructor-led

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    Emotional Intelligence


    Given the increased competitive pressures of a global market place and increased demands in customer requirements, professionals have found they must sell differently and to different decision makers than they did in the past. These new requirements can result in a wide range of feelings and...

    • Instructor-led

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    Communicating With Excellence


    This program is is designed to help participants become more effective communicators, to increase productivity, and improve morale in the workplace. Communication goes far beyond the actual words that you say. More importantly it's how you say it and the nonverbal messages that you send while...

    • Instructor-led

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    Be A Great Team Member


    Today…. All work is done in teams. Each team member needs to do their part to assist in making it through tough decisions, next steps, and best practices or behaviors. Good team members are committed to the bigger and collective purpose, they make people feel that they are worthy and can make a...

    • Instructor-led

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    Click! The art of creating, communicating, and collaborating


    Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to collaborate and communicate with some people and so easy with others? Can you recall an occasion where things just “clicked”?  Wouldn’t it be great if all of your interactions with others worked that way? In theory, the idea of collaboration...

    • Instructor-led

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    Giving and Receiving Feedback


    Feedback in the workplace is essential for making progress. Giving and receiving feedback is a great way to make sure that employees stay on track and continue to be aligned with the organizational vision. Using tools and practices, you can make it quick and easy for managers to give their...

    • Instructor-led

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    Change Happens


    Change Happens. Without it, people and organizations stay stagnant, fail to move forward, and many times, move backwards. Those who have an understanding of the dynamics of change are better equipped to analyze the factors at play in the particular circumstances, and to adopt practical...

    • Instructor-led

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    Foundation of Strategic Thinking


    Thinking strategically will provide an advantage for an organization, team or an individual. Business professionals often assume that they have a strategic mindset, but fail to understand and apply true strategy.   This Foundations of Strategic Thinking Course will equip participants with the...

    • Instructor-led

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    Innovation for Breakthrough Results


    The term ‘innovation’ means a new way of doing something -- having the ability to look at something old or current and see something new or different. To succeed in today’s economic conditions, truly successful CEOs didn't fall back on traditional management discipline, existing best practices,...

    • Instructor-led

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    Real Talk: How to Talk About Racism and Diversity and Inclusion in a Way to Create Movement

    It is in a time of unrest where leaders have to make a choice. Do they open the conversation or close it for fear of not knowing what to do? It is during these times when employees are looking towards their managers and asking themselves, “Is this a leader that I want to follow? Is this leader...

    • Instructor-led

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    Cross Cultural Communication


    Communication goes far beyond the actual words that you say; it’s also how you say those words and the non-verbal messages that you send with them. The receipt and interpretation of that message depends on the other person’s view of the world and his or her beliefs and values. This workshop...

    • Instructor-led

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    Leading a Diverse Team


    Your success as a Team Leader depends on how well your team operates.  How are their problem-solving skills? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best?  Do they work well together? When working in the diverse team environment, the success of the end result is contingent upon the core...

    • Instructor-led

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    Navigating Difficult Conversations


    When we think of difficult conversations, many images may surface.  Difficult conversations are the interactions that happen (or should happen) every day in the workplace.  They are the day-to-day conversations that exist among peers, direct reports, customers, and inter-departments.  Difficult...

    • Instructor-led

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    Resiliency Skills


    We all know resilience is an important trait. It is the hallmark of successful  people and successful companies, and it is what allows people to come back from disappointment and failure stronger and more determined than ever. Resilience is not the absence of stress or trauma—it actually...

    • Instructor-led

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    Respect in the Workplace


    As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse workforce continues, organizations know they must help all workers understand, accept, and capitalize on differences and how to promote a respectful workplace. Many factors can enhance, yet challenge, communication among employees, such as cultural...

    • Instructor-led